根據香港法律,不得在業務過程中,向未成年人(18歲以下人士)售賣或供應令人醺醉的酒類。 Under the law of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor (under 18) in the course of business.


No matter which continent you’re living on, dads are universal super men and quite frankly, Father’s Day is all about covertly thanking the almighty for blessing you with a dad you can always rely upon to pull you out of your worst messes … albeit with a chilling gaze oftentimes, obviously!

What your mom would get you to accomplish in her 5 commands, your dad would get it out of you with just a stare.
Such is his talent for a being dad, indeed. A hamper of personalized liquor gifts for him won’t go amiss, we might add!

But dads pack more roles than just that of a seemingly strict parent. They are also your partners-in-crime, your plan-B, your mentors, coaches & also best friends. They stand by you in your heartbreaks and they also strut around proudly over your achievements … after paying for your celebratory bash of course!

Dads deserve the finest of spirits and what better than a fine Scotch as a Father’s Day gift!
Father’s Day approaches, so let us identify what type of a dad your dear father is and which Scotch will be the best whiskey to buy as a gift for his eternal surprise on coming 20 June.

1. The Easygoing & Affable Dad

Remember those difficult times in your life? The affable dad stands by you with an easy smile and an encouraging vibe that urges you to keep faith in yourself and excel at everything you undertake.
He would roll up his sleeves and join in your hustle to get the job done nice and proper, with all his experience at your disposal. A man of helping, approachable, kind and generous disposition who’s aware of what he likes.

Honor him with…

The Glenfiddich Our Original Twelve is a quintessential 12 year old single malt scotch wonder of the Speyside style with a long and mellow finish, also reckoned as one of the best drams!
A whisky both dilettantes and connoisseurs find agreeable, the Original Twelve is very approachable & loved by all. One of the perfect whiskey gifts for dad!

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2. The High-Octane Dad!

He is the ‘are you ready kid?’ type, always game for new adventures, explorer, pushing you to rediscover your limits and ever eager to try something new.
Most of the times, you’ll find him tinkering with one thing or the other with a spark in his eyes, or exploring a new place with you.
He has seen & lived the world far and wide, has broad mindset … and challenges you keeping you on your toes! Needless to say, you’re lucky to have a friend in him as he also invites confidence, at every step.

Surprise him with…

A good whiskey for a gift, the warmth of the Glenlivet 15 Year Old single malt Scotch whisky matches his zeal and passion. A gold medal winner at The Spirits Masters 2015, this exceptional whisky packs rich flavors owing to its maturation in the French Oak casks.
A whisky which epitomizes forward thinking and change, it definitely resonates with familiarity and newness, something both you & your dad can relate with.

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3. The Traditionalist Dad

As the name suggests, he is all about respecting the traditions and legacy. He has a quiet and assuring demeanor that silently radiates ‘I got your back, buddy!’ and likes to keep things simple.
His inexhaustible reservoir of patience & calm wisdom is your foolproof ‘plan-B’ to fall back upon in case of crisis. He is delighted if you present him with handcrafted tokens of love instead of fancy flashy gifts. The traditionalist homely daddy, didn’t we mention?

Show him your love with …

The Balvenie Doublewood 12 Year Old single malt is THE ONE for him, ladies and gentlemen. It is handcrafted by master craftsmen & has been matured in two different wood types in a traditional manner.

The whisky has deep and delicate character with depths of sherry wood & fullness of flavors, perfect to reward him with one of the finest experiences of his life this Father’s Day.

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4. The Self-Assured Dad

Confident, stylish, versatile, elegant and suave (nope, not George Clooney, folks!), he is a man of complexity and a taste for finer things which life brings with it.
No situation is above him! He got it all under control. He is quite aware of what he wants in life & has never settled for lesser things. Clearly, he is a dad that gives you high goals to achieve and his conduct is a great example for you to learn how to hold your own in a morass!

He deserves …

As the best whiskey for Father’s Day gift, the exceptional Glenfiddich 18 Year Old single malt Scotch whisky will complement your exceptional man splendidly.
This luxurious whisky of silky finish is the culmination of superlative distilling methods & expertise passed through generations.
It is intense with complex layers of dried fruit, oak and candy peel. A glass of it is the perfect adornment in the hands of any self-assured dad, we guarantee.

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5. The Cool Dad

Did you know that the fun-at-party dads are highly coveted by youngsters and elders alike?
He deserves a doctorate for being an expert at leaving everyone in splits at bashes with his witty one-liners or pranks which you never see coming!
A crowd puller and cheeky, he wears his good humor as a crown with all the swagger he can muster to make everyone around him giggle. Life is always smooth when the champion of ‘hakuna-matata’ is around you, isn’t it!

Whisky, which is his alter ego!

We recommend the Monkey Shoulder Blended Malt Scotch as a good whiskey for a gift for your wit-genius of a dad this Father’s Day.
This whisky marries blends of different Speyside single malts, imparting to it rich & vibrant flavors, piquant on the palate & aromatic on the nose with vanilla notes.
As he is creative undoubtedly, let him have his way with mixing his tipples!

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6. The Discerning Dad

His worldly experiences have made him steadfast and discerning & he is proud of the legacy he has built. He instils pride in you, and also humility, for his distinctive character & sharp attention to things and people in general.
You know that his palate is refined & fine-tuned over the years. He expects highly of you for he has faith in your hard work & abilities. One ‘Hannibal’ of a dad, we daresay!

A special honor for him…

If you were looking for the best whiskey to buy as a gift for him this Father’s Day, look no further than the classy Chivas Regal 18 Year Old Gold Signature blended Scotch whisky.
Light bodied & rich with notes of vanilla, nutmeg, oak & dried fruit, its sophistication and complexity perfectly matches your dad’s idea of a fine dram. Do present him with a bottle of this resplendent spirit on 20 June.

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7. The Bold Dad!

Tinkering, experimenting, many side hustles apart from excelling at his job & keeping you busy with building yourself, he will always have a plan or an executable at hand.
He is the ‘let’s do it folks’ kind of man and everyone loves him at the helm of things.
His magnetic charisma grabs all eyes around him and has an infectious charm complementing his exuberant persona.

Surprise him with …

Full-bodied & rich, the Glenfiddich 15 Year Old Our Solera single malt Scotch whisky is a good whiskey for a gift for him.

The whisky has as broad a range as his progressive tastes are. It is bursting with flavors for it is finished in a Solera Vat inspired by sherry bodegas of Spain and Portugal. Let some sherry oak, marzipan and ginger spice up the Father’s Day for him.

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A Scotch personal to him for keepsake

Thinking about personalized liquor gifts? We got it covered for you.
A splendid bottle of Scotch becomes a memento of affection & a souvenir for your dad when you add your personal touch to it.
After you have selected your dad’s most cherished Scotches on Liquidz, send us on our WhatsApp number a high-res image and text you wish to be engraved on the bottles.
We will take care of the customizations you desire on those bottles and you’ll receive excellently finished mementos in 2 weeks to surprise him like never before!

Let’s make it a more comprehensive Scotch gift package

While you have decided to get your dad personalized liquor bottles, give a finishing touch of completion to the entire Scotch gift package by adding special whisky glasses by Nachtmann and also glasses by Riedel.
These aesthetic glass are specially designed and crafted to bring out even the hidden aromas and flavors of your selected Scotches, which are otherwise missed in ordinary glasses.
Your dad would fondly prize them in his bar racks!
Seasoned drinkers can always do with new bar accessories and Liquidz has some of them which can tempt even the teetotalers for a dram!

Liquidz is your one-stop solution for buying a scintillating Scotch whisky in Hong Kong.
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Do keep it flowing …!